Wildlife Garden

The Tim Seward Wildlife Garden

The Tim Seward Wildlife Garden, opened in April 2018, is one of the few open green spaces in Camden. It is open during park opening hours and available for anyone within the park to access- for free! You can find the entrance through the black gates at the top right corner of the park, right by the bright mural (painted by the Out of School Club).

What can you find?

The wildlife garden runs along the east perimeter of the park, hidden behind the colonnade buildings and features some new micro-habitats. These consist of two ponds, a log pile, wormery and compost area, rockeries, and beehives towards the end of the garden. These micro-habitats are still in their early stages of development, so keep an eye out for small creatures and insects moving in!

What can you do?

Pick up some activity worksheets by the entrance and take part in mini-beast hunting, explore the log piles and plants by the raised ponds and see what exciting things you can find.

Help us compost

We have two large compost bins in the wildlife garden and we need your help! Composting helps us to reduce our waste, and also produces a rich fertiliser that helps our plants to grow!

Things you can put in our compost bins:

  • Grass cuttings and dead flowers
  • Vegetable and fruit scraps/peels
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags
  • Stale bread

What you can do for the environment

We have a number of herb plants in our wildlife garden like rosemary and lavender, and you can grow these too! Whether it is in a garden or on a window sill, growing plants can promote biodiversity.

Volunteer in our Wildlife Garden

Our wildlife garden needs a group of committed and regular volunteers to maintain and manage the space.