Change 500

Take on a team steps challenge this May!

Join our new charity steps challenge Change 500

Get a team together and walk, run or dance your way to 500 miles across one week this May.

Aim to raise £500 in your team to provide vital support for children in your local community.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take steps towards an active life and boost your own well-being too.

Get your finishers’ medal!

500 miles = 1 MILLION steps.

Support local children in London

Coram’s Fields is your local children’s charity. We have faced significant government cuts in recent years, which means we rely on fundraising to deliver our essential work. Alongside our 7-acre park for children, we also provide vital services supporting children’s life chances and their mental and physical well-being. Your fundraising could help a young person find the self-confidence they need to get their first job, or pay for a child from a disadvantaged background to access free sports sessions.

Change 500

Six simple steps

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Step one

Inspire your colleagues or friends to join the challenge. You can have up to 15 team mates. Pick your team captain!

If you have a small team or want to go it alone, you can take part in Change 50!

Step two

Pick your week in May to take on your challenge. May is National Walking Month!

Step three

Most importantly, set up your fundraising team’s page on Local Giving, aim to raise £500. For a team of 10, this is just £50 each!

£500 could take a young person from a disadvantaged background on a residential trip of a lifetime.
£500 could provide one-to-one sessions to help a young person turn away from violence and antisocial behaviour.
£500 could cover the cost of a child to attend our multi-sports camp during the school holidays.

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Step four

Work out how many steps or miles each team member needs to do. 500 miles is ONE MILLION steps. For a team of 10, this is around 7 miles or 14,000 steps each per day.

If you want to take part in the solo or small team challenge Change 50, you have to do 50 miles or 106,000 steps in one week.

Step five

Track your miles or steps on your phone, watch or on a pedometer. Record each team member’s daily steps on our handy Change 500 tracker which you can print out or use online.
Your team captain is responsible for making sure each team member records their steps on the tracker.

Change 500 is a chance for you to get active! Whether it’s walking meetings, Zumba classes, taking the stairs or getting on the treadmill, be inspired to take steps towards a more active life. Be creative!

Step six

Get fundraising and shout loudly and proudly about your challenge on social media and to your friends, colleagues and family. Tag Coram’s Fields in what you’re getting up to!
Submit your miles or steps at the end of the week to Coram’s Fields. You’ll get a huge thank you and a finishers’ medal!

Which team can raise the most for local children?

Small team or want to go it alone?

Don’t worry – you can take part in Change 50! Sign up below and let us you know you have a small team.

Change 50

Any questions?
Give Victoria a shout on 02033842204 or



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